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Hello all, first things first, yes, i'm a newbie, yes, i've registered because i'm going INSANE , and yes, i've searched all over the internet, but haven't had good questions, so here goes !
I have a Mac Pro, 2008 version, and i have a graphics card, a xtx 9800 gtx+, i have bought some cables to give the gc the power it needs, so that's not the problem. However , when i boot up the mac, it doesn't show anything on the display. This is when put in the first pci-e16x port. Same thing when put in the second pci-e16x.
My stock gc, ATI HD2600, does not display anything when put in the second pci-e16x, but that's another thing.
I did read something about using kexts for the 8800, on the 9800 gtx, but i haven't found too much info on that.
So, to conclude ;
Is it possible to use a 9800 gtx+ graphics card in a mac pro?
Thanks in advance!

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Nvidia 8800 Gtx Specs

Apple Nvidia Geforce GTX285 2GB PCI-E graphics card that is compatible for the Mac Pro. Better choice than a HD 5770 1GB. This Nvidia Geforce GTX 285 2GB Video Card is compatible with these Mac Pro's running Lion 10.7.5, Mountain Lion 10.8+, OSX 10.6.8, OSX 10.9.5, OSX 10.10.5 Yosemite,El Capitan 10.11.6 & Sierra 10.12, High Sierra 10.13.6. The GeForce 8800 GT Mac Edition was a graphics card by NVIDIA, launched in February 2008. Built on the 65 nm process, and based on the G92 graphics processor, in its G92-270-A2 variant, the card supports DirectX 11.1. Even though it supports DirectX 11, the feature level is only 100, which can be problematic with many DirectX 11 & DirectX 12. Make Offer - Apple Mac Pro 3GHz 8 CORE 240GB SSD 3TB HDD 56GB RAM GTX 680 OS Catalina Win10 Mac Pro 2,1 2X 3GHz Quad Core Xeon, 16 GB RAM, 500GB HD, ATI Radeon X1900 XT 5MB $225.00. Apple MAC PRO Nvidia GTX 285 1GB PCI-E Video Card GTX285 8800 FX 4800 5770. ASUS nVidia 8800 GTX EN8800GTX/HTDP/768M/A 768MB Dual DVI PCI-E Graphics Card. £59.99 + £29.99 postage. Can you use a standard GeForce 8800 GT card? If you own a Mac Pro or other Apple product that uses a Nvidia graphics card by default, then youll have to purchase the specialized Apple version of the card. Fortunately, these are easy to find on eBay. In fact, the standard Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT driver for the non-Apple variation wont work for these.