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On the left side you will find tabs for each axis and curve editor. Source device is your physical joystick. Destination is virtual joystick. Bezier curve can be modified by dragging red dots up and down. Gray dots can be used to smooth parts of curve. Right mouse button click shows context menu. Axis Utilities provides utility construction services for private and public landowners, developers and general contractors in Central Texas.Our extensive experience combined with superior estimating and project management team allow us to avoid costly delays and consistently deliver high-quality utility infrastructure on time and within budget. Gnuplot is a portable command-line driven interactive datafile (text or binary) and function plotting utility for UNIX, IBM OS/2, MS Windows, DOS, Apple Mac, VMS, Atari and many other platforms. The software is copyrighted but freely distributed (i.e., you don't have to pay for it). It was originally intended as graphical program which would allow scientists and students to visualize. Simple to use macOS utility designed to help you to quickly and properly uninstall any application with a just a flick of your mouse Alfred An easy to use productivity application for the macOS that helps you save time by speeding up your searches, on the web or on your Mac.

Knowledge Base / Frequently Asked Questions / Axis Cameras

By default, Axis cameras obtain an IP address by DHCP. The best way initially to discover your Axis camera depends on whether you intend to use it with AVTECH’s Device ManageR software or your Room Alert Account at


Discovering Your Axis Camera With AVTECH’s Device ManageR

If you intend to use your camera with AVTECH’s Device ManageR software, you may discover it using Device ManageR’s Advanced Discovery feature. Please see this FAQ for instructions: How To Discover AVTECH Devices With Device ManageR – Advanced Discovery.

You may download Device ManageR from the Downloads page of your account at

Discovering Your Axis Camera With Axis Software

If you intend to use your compatible Axis camera with your Room Alert Account at, you may wish initially to discover it using the manufacturer’s software, either the Axis IP Utility or Axis Camera Management.

Axis Utility For Mac

Axis IP Utility


The Axis IP Utility automatically discovers your Axis cameras. You may also use it to assign a static IP to your camera if you wish.

You may download the Axis IP Utility from the manufacturer’s web site: Axis IP Utility (

Axis Camera Management

The Axis Camera Management software discovers your Axis cameras through its Add Devices feature. You may also use the program to assign a static IP to your camera and to upgrade its firmware.

You may download Axis Camera Management from the manufacturer’s web site: Axis Camera Management (

Discovering Your Axis Camera With Your Room Alert Account

You may find the unit’s IP address in your Room Alert Account in the Device Details page. To navigate to the camera’s Device Details page, select Devices in the navigation bar to the left in your Room Alert Account, and then select your camera from the device list.

You may find the unit’s IP address listed under Local IP.

Please note that before your compatible Axis camera can appear in your Room Alert Account, you must take some preparatory steps in the order shown below:

1. Check that it is compatible using this FAQ: List Of Axis Cameras Compatible With

2. Upload the required firmware and applications to your compatible camera. This FAQ shows you how: How To Upload Required Software To Your Axis Camera. (This software allows your device to push data to

Axis Ip Tool Download

3. Register your Axis camera in your Room Alert Account. This FAQ shows you how: How To Add Compatible Axis Cameras To Your Account.

Epson Connect Printer Setup for Mac

Axis Ip Scanner Utility

Follow the steps below to enable Epson Connect for your Epson printer on a Mac.

Important: Your product needs to be set up with a network connection before it can be set up with Epson Connect. If you need to set up the connection, see the Start Here sheet for your product for instructions. To see the sheet, go to the Epson support main page, select your product, Manuals and Warranty, then Start Here.

  1. Download and run the Epson Connect Printer Setup Utility.

  2. Click Continue.

  3. Agree to the Software License Agreement by clicking Continue, and then Agree.

  4. Click Install, and then click Close.

  5. Select your product, and then click Next.
    Note: If the window doesn't automatically appear, open a Finder window and select Application > Epson Software, and then double-click Epson Connect Printer Setup.

  6. Select Printer Registration, and then click Next.

  7. When you see the Register a printer to Epson Connect message, click OK.

  8. Scroll down, click the I accept the Terms and Conditions check box, and then click Next.

  9. Do one of the following:
    • If you're creating a new account, fill out the Create An Epson Connect Account form, then click Finish.
    • If you're registering a new product with an existing account, click I already have an account, fill out the Add a new printer form, and then click Add.
  10. Click Close.

  11. See our Activate Scan To Cloud and Remote Print instructions to activate the Scan to Cloud and Remote Print services.