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A bug in MacOS High Sierra allowed anyone to log into your Mac without a password. Apple has now issued a fix. Fixed a crash on Mac that could occur when a text field is in edit mode and the cursor hovers over other UI elements. Bugs fixed in the April 2020 release (version 17.0.6) Fixed an issue where After Effects does not startup when a folder that After Effects needs to read is readable only by the root user on Mac.

Mac devices are some of the most reliable ones on the planet. It is hard to see them crash or freeze, but as with anything, it can happen. Here we have listed a rundown of 8 common problems for Mac OSX users and how to fix them.

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My Computer RunsSlowly Whenever I Launch An App

This is a commonissue for all kinds of apps, whether they are productivity apps or not. You might notice everything becomes sluggishand you can´t make much of it. Here´s what you can do to fix it:

Bug Fix For Mac
  • Forcea hard reset – Yes, like all Mac devices you can force a hard reset on Mac OSXtoo. To force the hard reset just hold down Command Key + Control Key + PowerButton and it will force the restart.
  • ModifySystem preferences – Go to the System Preferences menu, then to the add-ons andfinally to your apps at the bottom. Once there try disabling one by one to seewhich is the one causing trouble.

My WI-FI Is TooSlow

Slow Wi-Fi canmake modern life a true nightmare. If you are experiencing difficulties withyour Wi-Fi and you didn´t use to even having the same service, then it is timeto do something about your computer and router.

  • Yourcomputer settings – First of all, Apple is constantly releasing updates to maketheir software better, so check on available updates first. If that doesn´thelp, then go to System Preferences, Network, Advanced Settings and finally inyour Wi-Fi menu delete all your stored networks, turn it off and then on andsee if it works.
  • Yourrouter – First of all, google the model and the brand and look for any updatesavailable for downloading. If that doesn´t help, then completely unplug it andthen plug it in again to see if that solves the case.

Microsoft OfficeIs Constantly Crashing

Microsoft OfficeBugs are some of the most common among Mac users; if that is your case, here ishow to solve it.

  • AppleSoftware Update – Apple has been struggling for years to fix any issues ofcompatibility with Microsoft Office and Mac OSX. Check if you are lacking anykind of update on your device. Head to the Apple Menu and then to SoftwareUpdate. If there is an update, download and install it.
  • MicrosoftUpdates – Go to the Help menu of the Office program you are trying to use andlook for the Check for Updates option or visit the Microsoft website directly.

My Bluetooth IsNot Working

Bluetooth is greatto get rid of the cables that used to make life more complicated for us. Hereis how to resolve problems with your Bluetooth accessories.

  • Restartthe Mac and start over – This is an old trick that works great still. Turn offyour computer and remove all accessories, including the Bluetooth ones. Onceyou´ve done that, turn it on and slowly plug or pair them back. If one iscausing problems and the others are working, you will realize right away.
  • Ifno Bluetooth accessory works – If after the previous step, no Bluetoothaccessory works, then make sure that your Bluetooth is actually on. For that,take a look at the upper right corner of the screen and search for the icon.

Spotlight Is NotWorking Right

Spotlight mightjust be the best, easiest and fastest way to look for things in your Macdevice. If it doesn´t work, it becomes a time-consuming burden.

  • SystemPreferences – Go to the System Preferences in your Mac OSX, then to Spotlightand then to the indexing options under the Search Results menu. From there itis easy to control what is Spotlight Searching and what it is not.

Airdrop NotWorking

For all of theAirdrop fans of the world, the fact that the connection with it hasn´t been allthat great lately is a big bummer. Here´s how to solve it:

Bug fixer 2.6 for mac

Bug Fixer 2.6 For Mac

  • Workyour Firewall – To fix this problem, it is important to take a look at theFirewall settings. The first thing you need to do is go to System Preferences,then to Security & Privacy and finally to Firewall. Turn off your Firewallcompletely and see if that helps with Airdrop´s performance. If that is thecase, check to see if there is a particular app causing problems with yourAirdrop.

Yahoo Bug Fix For Mac

My iTunes Is NotWorking

iTunes is, most ofthe times, the most-visited place on a Mac computer for users. It is a reallybad scenario when it is not working.

  • iCloudproblems – It has been reported that there are iCloud issues with iTunes, andit makes it slow and useless. Go to System Preferences and uncheck the iCloudoption. You can also sign out and sign back in to see if it´s solved.
  • Checkupdates – If the previous step doesn´t fix your iTunes, then try to update it.Go to iTunes Menu and click on the Check for Updates option.

My Old iBooks AreGone

You are not ableto see your old iBooks in your library? It can happen, but don´t despair, thisis how to fix it:

Bug Fix Mac

  • Logout and back in – Log out of the app and then close it. Re open it and log backin to see if that solves the issue.
  • iCloudBooks – When in iBook go to the View option and select Show iCloud Books andmake sure no books are hiding. Also, go to the main menu, preferences and thengeneral to “Sync bookmarks, highlights and collections”.

Bug Fix For Mac


Even the mostreliable computers in the world sometimes crash. Also, El Capitan, the new version of the OSX released by Mac is goingthrough bug-fixing phases and it will take a while until it is perfectly tunedand bug-less. Follow these simple steps to resolve the bugs you might encounterin this transition and keep trusting your Mac, it won´t disappoint you at all.