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On top of successfully converting 4K HD or SD video to Mac supported video format MP4 MOV etc., this all-inclusive mac video file converter can also aid you to download and convert online video from YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Myspace, Vimeo, Vevo, Instagram, Metacafe and another 1000 video music sharing sites. So if you wanna play YouTube. Part 1: Convert MP4 to AVI Mac with Leawo Video Converter for Mac. Leawo Video Converter for Mac is a multifunctional media converter that could handle media conversions between video and audio files of various formats. It could convert video and audio files between 180+ formats like MP4, AVI, FLV, MPEG, MKV, MOV, WMV, MP3, AAC, etc.

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I was just wondering what format everyone uses to watch movies on your Macs. Everyone in my dorm is totally stoked on the Divx and Xvid formats but I couldn't seem to get them to run on my girlfriends iBook. Also I was wondering what formats offer the best compression/playback quality? I plan on buying the next revision of PowerBook and using it to rip DVDs and such so I was just wondering what software I will need. Thanks for all the help. - MacRumors

Convert Video Format For Mac

Watching movies, video clips, TV shows, etc are nothing extraordinary for Mac users, whether they are using MacBook Air, iMac or Mac Mini. But embarrassment comes if your video clips are incompatible with Mac computer. So what video formats do Macs play? Longing for the best video format for Mac? For those who want to know the best video format readable on Macs, this article may well suit you.

Mac Supported Media Formats

Until now there are about 100 media types are supported by Mac OS X, covering a range of video, audio, image and streaming formats. The following table specifically lists some common video and audio formats supported by Mac.

Supported Formats
Mac compatible Audio file
and data formats
AAC, AIFF, WAVE, uLaw, AC3, MPEG-3, MPEG-4 (.mp4, .m4a), .snd, .au, .caf, Adaptive multi-rate (.amr)
Video file formats Supported by MacsAVI, AVR, DV, M-JPEG, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, AAC, OpenDML, 3GPP, 3GPP2, AMC, H.264, HEVC, iTunes (.m4v), QuickTime (.mov, .qt)

Note: If your files are not in the Mac best video audio formats list, you can resort to a professional video converter for Mac to convert the video to Macbook Air/Pro friendly MP4, MOV, H264, HEVC formats first.

Convert video format for mac os

What is the Best Video Format for macOS?

The video and audio formats listed above are fair-weather fan of Mac computer. The net result of this is that it's not just about whether the Mac can play the format or not, it's whether there is any Mac software to support the codec within the file too. In other words, only when the supported video comes with specific codec that Mac supports can your OS X play the file smoothly. The following will list the best video format Mac supports and codecs you will need for a successful playback on your Mac (MacBook/MBP/iMac).

  • MOV (A filename extension for the QuickTime multimedia file format)

MOV video file uses a proprietary compression algorithm developed by Apple Computer. Mac still remains supreme with the .mov and .mpeg file types. Naturally, MOV is the standard and best video format for Mac. It is known to have the best video quality of all three streaming formats listed here.

  • MP4(A digital multimedia format most commonly used to store video and audio, subtitles and still images.)

MP4 (MPEG 4) is actually a standard that Apple really pushed with Quicktime 6. So, accordingly, you can use .mp4 format just fine on a Mac. Attention shall be paid it's possible that what's going on is that they use the MPEG4 architecture but they're using a weird codec. Between the native QT7 codecs, the Perian ones, and Flip4Mac, you are mostly covered. But MP4 files encoded with MPEG-4 video or H.264 (preferred) video are also considered as one of the best video formats compatible with Mac OS.

  • M4V (A video container format developed by Apple and is very similar to the MP4 format.)

Generally, Apple uses M4V encode video files, such as TV episodes, movies, and music videos, in its iTunes Store. The copyright of M4V files may be protected by using Apple's FairPlay DRM copy protection.

Tips: To Unlock protection protection from iTunes M4V videos, you can check the well-known video converter for Mac for help.

How to Convert Unfriendly Videos to Mac Best Video Formats with Ease?

Your overwhelming video files are not all created in the best Mac video formats like MOV, MP4 and M4V, then video conversion process from the Mac unsupported videos to the video format that Mac can best recognize seems to be of top priority. Consequently, you will need a professional Mac video converter for help. Don't worry, the world's No.1 fast video converter for Mac is ready for help. It is built in 370+ video and audio codes, thus you can convert any video to the best video formats for your Mac, be it MOV, MP4 or M4V. Thus enjoying the movies, TV shows, online YouTube videos, recorded HD videos, etc on your Macs like MacBook Air, MacBook, MBP, iMac Pro, iMac, Mac Mini, etc can be a cherry pie.

On top of successfully converting 4K HD or SD video to Mac supported video format MP4 MOV etc., this all-inclusive mac video file converter can also aid you to download and convert online video from YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Myspace, Vimeo, Vevo, Instagram, Metacafe and another 1000 video music sharing sites. So if you wanna play YouTube FLV video, Facebook MKV video or Vimeo WebM video on your Macs, you are needless to look around to seek help from others, just this video converter monster can handle all of tough tasks.

And need to remind you that if you still have the demand to compress MP4 video file to smaller file size so as to better storing on your Macs with space saving and no quality loss, just leave this job to this Mac video converter program.

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Audio files come in a dizzying array of file types. It can be hard to keep track, and really frustrating when you're trying to play audio but your favorite player won't play a certain file because of the type of track it is.

It may seem hopeless, but we've got your back! You can usually convert audio and video files without losing quality. Here, we'll walk you through how to convert video to MP3, MP4 to MP3, and many other audio and video conversions you'll find useful.

How to convert video to audio

Converting video to audio — MP4 to MP3, for example — means not so much converting the video file as extracting the audio track from it. That comes in handy when you want to turn your collection of music videos into a playlist to put on an iPod, or distil the sound from a video you took at a concert, or maybe use your favorite song as a ringtone for your iPhone.

macOS comes with built-in media encoding functionality that lets you convert video to audio right in the Finder. There's a similar feature in QuickTime, too. The downside is it's fairly limited in that you can't pick what the resulting audio file will be, because it generates an M4A track by default.

Your Mac comes with a really straightforward way to convert video files to audio.

How the default macOS video to audio converter works

  1. Open Finder on your Mac
  2. Navigate to the video file you want to convert
  3. Right-click on the file
  4. Select 'Encode Selected Video Files' from the drop-down menu
  5. Under the 'Settings' heading, select 'Audio Only' from the drop-down menu
  6. Select 'Continue'

A separate MP4 file will be created, and loaded in the same place as your video file. Note this doesn't delete or alter your video file in any way. This method can be used to convert any video file type to an audio file – but you don't get to select the type of audio file. It will always be MP4.

A better way to accomplish this is with Permute.

With Permute, you can choose to convert video to audio in just about any format you like. MOV to MP3, MOV to MP4, MKV to MP3 – you name it!

To use Permute to convert a movie to an audio file, follow these steps:

  1. Open Permute on your Mac
  2. Drag the video you'd like to convert into the Permute window
  3. Next to 'Video,' select the drop-down menu
  4. Select the audio type you'd like to convert to
  5. Select the 'play' icon on the video or sub-window your video is in

That's all you have to do. Permute converts your video to audio in a snap!

Permute is super fast, so you should have your audio in the same folder as the video file in no time. Go ahead and feed it some of your movies to see how well it works (you can try Permute converter free of charge for a week when you join Setapp, a subscription for Mac apps.)

How to convert video and music to another media format?

'MKV to MP4', 'FLAC to MP3', 'M4A to MP3' — chances are you typed one of those into Google search at some point, because media file formats can be a pain. Some are way too space-consuming, like FLACs, which can be 10 times bigger than equivalent MP3s. Others are unsupported by your Mac's built-in video player, like MKV. No matter the specific case, you're going to need an audio or video converter to transform the file into a friendlier, more widely used format, which is typically MP4 for video and MP3 for music.

As we mentioned earlier, there are an incredible number of formats for video. MP4, MOV, 3GP, 3G2, ASF, MKV, VOB, MPEG, WMV, FLV, AVI – the list goes on. Luckily, Permute can handle all of these file types, and convert them to audio using the steps above. If you don't see the audio file type you want to export to, here's how to add more options in Permute:

  1. Follow the first three steps above
  2. In the drop-down menu, select 'Add Preset'
  3. In the new window, select the 'plus' icon on the bottom left
  4. Choose the media conversion format you like

Now, you can proceed to steps four and five in the steps above, and Permute will convert the audio with ease!

To convert audio to MP3, or any other format, simply follow the same five-step program. The only difference you'll see is where Permute says 'video' for video files, it will display 'Audio' for an audio file you're converting, and limit the type of conversion types to audio files.

How to change media format while downloading?

When downloading video from the internet, you may want to choose the file type or quality you wish to download. The best app for this is Elmedia Player.

Elmedia Player accepts URLs from YouTube, Vimeo, and many other popular sites. To download a YouTube video to transfer to an audio file, follow these steps:

  1. Open Elmedia Player on your Mac
  2. Select the 'download' button on the top right of the window
  3. Enter the URL into the field at the top of the window
  4. Press 'enter' on your Mac keyboard
  5. At the bottom of the window, select the arrows next to the video you want to download
  6. Choose the quality from the menuNote: if you're only looking to download a video for the audio, select the lowest resolution. This won't affect the audio, and makes your download much faster
  7. Select 'Download'
  8. Follow the steps above to convert the file using Permute

Is it possible to convert audio to video?

Convert Video Format For Mac Os

There's no clear cut reason you'd want to convert an audio file to video, especially because you'd just be looking at a blank screen.

Audio files can be overlaid onto video, though. If you've got an audio file that you want to use as a soundtrack or narrative track, simply add it to your favorite video editor as an audio file to have it playing over the video.

How to use online media converters

Most online services cater to the most popular user wanting to convert video to audio: those who want to save YouTube videos for use as audio tracks.

The most popular online conversion services – YTMP3, Y2Mate – all focus on exactly this. These services are easy to use, but fall short when it comes to control and quality. You have to click several buttons to initiate a download after copy-pasting a link, and the final audio quality can be hit or miss. To learn more about these tools read our full review: Best YouTube to MP3 converters 2020.

All online services raise the same concerns. We weren't too happy with the quality of audio they returned from a video file. Some even have restrictions on how many files you can convert, or require you to pay or sign up for their service. None allowed for true customization on the type of audio file we received.


There are many reasons to convert a video file to audio. You may want to listen to it as a podcast, especially handy if you're planning to be without a reliable internet connection for a period of time – or just want to reduce how much data you use.

Converting files locally on your Mac is still the best path forward. Permute and Elmedia Player make use of your Mac's hardware, so you can rest assured the final product will be great. No more relying on cloud-based servers and hoping for the best!

And both apps are free as part of a seven day trial of Setapp, the world's best suite of productivity apps for your Mac. In addition to Elmedia Player and Permute, you'll gain access to almost 200 great Mac apps. When the trial is over, Setapp is only $9.99 per month. Give it a try today!

Setapp lives on Mac and iOS. Please come back from another device.

Meantime, prepare for all the awesome things you can do with Setapp.

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