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Install WebWork Time Tracker for Mac as a desktop app to increase productivity of work. Native WebWork Mac OSX application easily transfers and visualizes data in web version. You can easily see activity level, screenshots, apps and websites used at work time and also spent time on each project, task with different type of graphs and charts. Mac time tracker Work smarter with the Hubstaff timer app for Mac operating systems. Built for Mac, this desktop app installs in seconds and runs silently in the background. Sign up free Book demo. We take the stress out of time tracking, project-planning, and hiring. Designed by and for teams that work from anywhere.

TMetric is a time tracking app that helps streamline your growing business for higher profits, satisfied clients and happier teams.

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You can create invoices, track clients, track projects, create reports, and download a time tracking widget. You can be task-specific and you can enter in different rates for different projects. Because of the added features, PayMo is the best free time-tracking software for Macs. Timing is a native Mac time tracker. Not a slow web (or Electron) app that hogs your memory — just blazing speed. Screen Time on Your Mac Screen Time is a new iOS 12 feature that lets you track how much time you spend in your apps.

  • Time Tracking

    Capture every task you work on. Take control over time intervals by simple time tracking

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  • Project Management

    Create projects, set rates and budgets. Keep tracking of hours spent on tasks and see the project progress at a glance, collaborate easily, keep deadlines and prevent over budgeting

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  • Team Management

    Measure productivity and activity level of your team, assign tasks in a click, monitor workflow and distribute the workload. Syncs your teams’ work and improves efficiency.

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  • Billing & Invoicing

    With the accurate billing system, set billable rates and easily create an invoice based on tracked time and expenses, and get paid promptly.

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  • Reporting

    With a flexible reporting system, you have a choice to get insights into your projects and team productivity, analyze incomes and keep costs under control

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  • Time Off

    Add a PTO policy for your organization, simply ask for days off, control missed workdays, manage balances and teams attendance hassle-free

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Is it difficult to monitor hours worked by employees, distribute workloads and calculate payrolls accurately? Just with a click, you have employees rates set, all-time tracking data collected in transparent reports for calculating payrolls and allocating resources for better loads distribution

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For a growing business, it is very important to gain insights into what projects bring more profits and what clients are of bigger importance. With TMetric flexible reporting system, you can analyze incomes and prevent expenditure

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With TMetric, you save time on routine paperwork of attendance check and time off calculations. Your team can easily create time off, sick leaves and vacation requests in a couple of clicks

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Integration with 50+ popular services

TMetric integrates with dozens of services, which lets you measure progress and activity in any tool you use.

Why track time with TMetric

We ultimately went with TMetric because it checked a lot of items on our want list. It’s both a desktop and web app, and has an API that we were able to integrate with our business management software. While that was the biggest selling point, we also really like the user interface, the Chrome extension, and built-in integration with Jira.

We’ve found TMetric to be both user friendly and robust. It was easy to setup which allowed us to begin leveraging the tool immediately. It also provides multiple layers of reporting which provides value to our organization on a number of different levels.

TMetric is faster, more convenient and cheaper, the support is responsive and they fixed some bugs quickly.

Free Time Tracker For Consultants

Works for me!

I recently transitioned from full-time employee to ‘consultant’. Needed an app to track projects, tasks and generate billing based on our agreement. TMetric handles this elegantly and I can access from my iPhone, iPad or PC- awesome!

After five months we are very happy with the app and will gladly renew the service. We are still finding new uses for it within our organization and it’s been pivotal for helping us gather better decision-making information, grow our topline and reduce our bottomline.

There are plenty of available applications to monitor working time. We chose TMetric because of the suitable price and compatibility with Trello and Google Documents, which we use every day in our company.


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Why choose TMetric?

The most straightforward time tracking app

Available on all platforms: macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android

Free plan with basic time tracking for a team up to 5

Reasonable price makes it affordable for anyone

Multilanguage solution

Make time work for you!

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Simple Time Tracking

One-click timer and manual entry mode with autocomplete to start your time entries quickly.

Offline Mode

Lost your internet connection? All data will be saved and synced when you come back online!

Dark Mode

Take it easy on your eyes with soothing greys.


Eye Tracker Mac

Track your background activity for more accurate time entries. Currently only available for Mac.

Also available on macOS and Linux Also available on Windows and Linux Also available on macOS and Windows Available on macOS, Windows 32 bit, Windows 64 bit, and Linux

More features to help you track time easily.

Idle Detection

Forgot to toggl off? Toggl Track Desktop knows when you leave your computer. When you get back, we'll let you choose what to do with the time away.


Set reminders for specific times or days to start tracking. Remember to turn them off on Sundays and get some deserved rest!

Pomodoro Timer

Set up the pomodoro timer on Toggl Track Desktop and we can nudge you to take your needed breaks at preset time intervals.

Best Free Time Tracking App For Mac


Quickly see where your tracking gaps are. The timeline feature records each website or program that you have viewed for more than 10 seconds and shows the data in a vertical side-by-side overview with your current time entries. Available for Mac, coming soon to Windows.

Looking for more information for your OS?

Details on how to set up the desktop app and feature list specific to each OS.


“Toggl Track has become embedded in my daily routine. I use it on my Linux laptop, Windows desktop, Chrome browser, and Android phone. And the experience across all of these platforms is very intuitive and in near perfect sync. Enabling desktop notifications helps me reduce procrastination whenever I'm not tracking my time.”

Free Time Tracker App For Mac

User Review from Capterra

Simple Time Tracker

“My favorite feature is Toggl Track's desktop app which has boosted my team's use of the service to nearly 100%. They can simply click the taskbar icon and a perfectly synced, minimalistic and simple Toggl Track tool is provided to them.”

User Review from Capterra

“We use Toggl Track every day to track all of our tasks. The desktop version is really simple with a welcoming UI. It's easy to keep in the corner of your desktop without distracting you from whatever else you're working on.”

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