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You can also manually enter names to the Contact Group that aren't already in your Outlook contacts by clicking 'Add Members' and choosing New E-mail Contact from the drop-down menu. Select the All On My Mac group and click the plus-sign (+) button at the bottom of the page to add a group. (You needn't put anything in this group if you don't want to.) The Edit Distribution.

View email conversations in Mail on Mac. By default, Mail groups together email messages that are part of the same “conversation” (or thread), instead of listing each reply individually.Conversations make it easier to follow a thread and help streamline your Inbox.


Contacts User Guide

Create a new email message addressed to a group, right from Contacts.

In the Contacts app on your Mac, do either of the following:

  • Control-click a group in the sidebar, then choose Send Email.

    A new email opens in the Mail app, addressed to the group.

  • Drag a group from the sidebar to an address field in an email you’re writing.

    In your email, either the group name or individual contact names are shown, depending on how Composing preferences are set in Mail.

    If the group is shown in your email but you want to see the contacts instead, click the arrow next to the group name, then choose Expand Group.

    Tip: When you’re addressing an email, you can see all the available addresses for a contact by clicking the arrow next to their name. To email the contact using more than one of their addresses, copy and paste their name, click the arrow, then choose another address.

If anyone in the group has multiple email addresses, you can select a default address to use whenever you email the group.

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    Best Mail Program For Mac

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