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The Java Embedding Plugin is a utility that allows other web browsers than Apple's Safari to use the most recent versions of Java on Mac OS X. When used together with an updated version of Mozilla's MRJ Plugin Carbon (included in this distribution), the Java Embedding Plugin's functionality is currently available to recent versions of Firefox. Java+You, Download Today! Java Download » What is Java? » Uninstall About Java. Mozilla this week began blocking outdated versions of a Java plug-in in Firefox for some Mac users after calling the threat posed by the Flashback malware 'evident and imminent.'

If you intend to use Firefox 52 you will have the option to enable support for the Java Plugin through a setting in the Firefox configuration. This setting will become depreciated in Version 53 latest and 54 of Firefox. Please make sure that my corrections here respect the original message. Download the Java Plugin: Self-install download (easiest): Windows Vista / XP / 2000 Download and install (Offline Installation): Windows Vista / XP / 2000 and IE / Firefox / Mozilla / Netscape(Mac OS X: see updating / installation instructions below).

Beginning in Firefox version 52 released March 7, 2017, installed NPAPI plugins are no longer supported in Firefox, except for Adobe Flash Player. Some of the plugins that no longer load in Firefox, even though they may be installed on your computer, include Java, Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe Acrobat. See this compatibility document for details.

Java plugin for firefox mac
Note: The Widevine CDM and OpenH264 Video Codec plugins are not NPAPI plugins and are still supported.

Over the past few years, Firefox has implemented various Web APIs so that websites can do the same things they’ve always done without plugins, so you will most likely not notice any change to your browsing experience.

The internet is full of websites that go beyond static pages, such as video, sound and games. While NPAPI plugins, especially Flash, have helped enable these interactive pages, they also make your browsing slower, less secure and more likely to crash.

Over the past few years, Firefox has worked hard to build replacements for these plugins, these replacements are called Web APIs. Web APIs are designed to replace the function of the NPAPI plugins without undermining your internet security, stability and performance.

Before, while these Web APIs weren’t quite ready, Firefox started to transition by making plugins load manually (click to activate).

Now, many sites have adopted Web APIs, and almost all your favorite pages can be enjoyed without using old and insecure plugins. Firefox joins other modern browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge by removing support for these NPAPI plugins.

We recommend that you update Firefox if you can.

Every update of Firefox includes important fixes and improvements, including improvements that help keep you secure on the Internet. Using an old version of any browser, including Firefox, puts your personal data and even your computer at risk.

Firefox has expanded to support features that used to require extra plugins. Plugins, on top of that, are also kept up-to-date automatically and managed through blocklisting for added security. So you can stay current with just one Firefox update.

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Important information about installing the Java plug-in
  • Awareness: Once the java plug-in has been installed, it must be kept up to date in order to avoid security risks.
  • Users should consult with their local IT support before installing Java.
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Choose a supported browser

  • Macintosh:
    • Skillsoft officially supports Safari only.
    • IS&T has found good results for Firefox 17.0 ESR or Firefox 24 ESR.
    • Google Chrome is not supported due to the fact that the Java plugin is 64-bit and Google Chrome is 32-bit.
  • Windows:
    • Skillsoft supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome
Java Plugin For Firefox Mac

Test your certificate

  • In the browser you will be using to access Skillsoft, test your certificate
    NOTE: Certificates must be installed for each web browser and on each computer.
    • Navigate to
    • Click 'Test my certificate'
    • Verify that you see your own name displayed.

Check your Java version

  • Note that if Java is not installed, or an older Java version is being blocked by your browser or operating system, the page may not display properly.

Java installation or upgrade instructions


Mac OS 10.7 and higher

Step One: Upgrade your java version

NOTE: Always consult with your local support provider before upgrading Java. Local applications may require specific Java versions.


Install Java Plugin Firefox

  • If needed, enable java plugin for Safari


  • If needed, enable java plugin for Firefox
    Note: Skillsoft does not officially support Firefox for Skillsoft access from Macintosh, but to date, IS&T has had good results for accessing Skillsoft trainings via Firefox.
Download java for firefox

Mac OS 10.6

  • For Macintosh users with Mac OS 10.6 and below, Java 6 is included within the Macintosh operating system.
  • Use Apple's Software Update to upgrade to the latest release of Java 6.
    • Follow the menu path Apple >> Software Update

Java Plugin For Firefox Mac


  • If needed, enable java plugin for Safari


  • If needed, enable java plugin for Firefox
    Note: Skillsoft does not officially support Firefox for Skillsoft access from Macintosh, but to date, IS&T has had good results for accessing Skillsoft trainings via Firefox.


Internet Explorer


Java For Firefox

Google Chrome


Note: Skillsoft offically supports openSUSE (SUSE Linux). See:


Java Plugin For Firefox Mac
  • Firefox 2.0 or later is supported

Web-based trainings may require additional browser plug-ins


  • Link to install Flash
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