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Nokia has announced the Nokia 7.1 with Android Pie. At $350 this is a strong mid-range phone with a good feature set. This price point is ideal for people who mean business, but can’t afford the $1000 flagships offered by Samsung and Apple.

This phone has a dual SIM capability. One of the SIM card takes up the Micros SD slot, so you cannot have both SD and a second SIM card.

Exchange is great if you want to pay for it. But many people use Outlook IMAP folders, and also older version like Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2007. CompanionLink provides the ideal solution by providing sync without using Exchange. When you sync using CompanionLink’s system you get many features that Exchange Sync lacks; Color Categories, Task sync, Notes Sync, and Calendar Events linked to a Contact.

To sync Outlook to Nokia 7.1 without Exchange

Nokia pc suite for mac dmg
  1. From Google Play Store, install DejaOffice on your Nokia 7.1 phone
  2. On your PC, download CompanionLink for Outlook on your PC.
  3. Configure both for DejaCloud Sync
  4. Watch your Outlook Contacts and Calendar appear on your phone.
  1. Tap the power of Your Phone and Link to Windows to seamlessly connect your Samsung Galaxy phone and apps with your Windows 10 PC. Get notifications, calls and texts right on your desktop. Your notes quickly sync across devices. Simply jot it down on your Samsung Galaxy phone.
  2. SyncMate 4 allows you to view, send, delete and export SMSs directly on your Mac. Go to SMS Reader plugin and choose the folder with messages to view. You will certainly enjoy the options Mac.

SyncMate 2.6 Free SyncMate lets you Sync Address Book and iCal in your Mac with Windows Mobile devices, Nokia S40 phones, other Mac or PC computers and PSP. Read SMS messages right on your Mac, check detailed device info, back up Calendar, Contacts online.Free SyncMate lets you Sync Address Book and iCal in your Mac with Windows Mobile devices, Nokia S40 phones, other Mac or PC computers. To begin, you will need to download Nokia Photo Transfer for Mac to your Mac Pc. Then, connect the Nokia device to the computer using USB cables. When you launch the program, the photos will automatically appear in the program. You will also notice that there are several options for you at the bottom of the window.

DejaOffice is Free. CompanionLink runs on a two-week trial.

Click here for more information on Using Microsoft Office without a Subscription.

The most Powerful part of the CompanionLink system is having Widgets on the Android Desktop.

What is a widget? A widget shows App information on the phone desktop. A widget allows me to quickly see my day view, and my contact list – without opening an app. I can quickly tap on the location and get to my next appointment. No search, no scroll. Just one tap and I’m in maps. One tap and I can call or sms. Automatically updated all day.

Nokia pc suite for macbook pro free download

Special features of DejaOffice:

  • Time zone management, so when you land your Calendar doesn’t go wonky
  • Calendar Colors that match Outlook
  • Templates that save time entering new Appointments and Tasks
  • Persistent alarms to be sure I don’t miss anything.
  • Recurring tasks compatible with Outlook
  • Optional: Franklin Covey task priorities A1, B2, C99
  • Works same on Android and iPhone, Phones and Tablets.

Check out for more information.

CompanionLink for Outlook
Free 14 day trial. Price $14.95 3-Mo Subs - $49.95 One-time License.
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While Nokia N9 is still shipping in selected markets, the Finnish company has announced the availability of Nokia Link app, which allows N9 users to shift media files from phone to a PC or Mac.

However, the Nokia Link does not replace the current Nokia Suite, previously known as Ovi Suite, as the application supports only the N9 smartphone.

Still, Nokia fans can use both applications on their computers at the same time, Nokia Link with Nokia N9, and Nokia Suite with other Nokia phones.

Even though the application is only compatible with Windows 7, Mac Snow Leopard and Mac Lion, Nokia stated that is currently working hard to add Windows XP support.

Nokia Pc Suite For Mac Free Download

The PC version of Nokia Link has 10 MB size, while the Mac version has 25MB. Moreover, the application does not require users to restart their computers after the installation process is complete.

As soon as the phone is connected with a PC or Mac via a microUSB cable, the application will open automatically and display the amount of storage available on the Nokia N9.

With Nokia Link, N9 owners can sync music, videos and photos, or they can create backups and restore important mobile content.

Another interesting feature of the application allows users to link it to the media libraries on a computer.

It is important to understand that music, videos or photos from the phone with Nokia Link is not possible at the moment.

Instead users can remove their phone's music, photos, and videos with Finder in Mac or Windows Explorer in Windows via Mass storage mode.

Nokia Pc Suite For Macbook Pro Free Download

According to Nokia, the desktop software is fully compatible with Windows Media Player, Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011 or later, as well as iTunes and iPhoto 8 or later.

Nokia Pc Suite For Mac

Unfortunately, Linux users have been left out, as Nokia Link does not feature support for this operating system, but hopefully this is only temporary.