Parallel Access For Mac

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Access files on remote computers.

  • Parallels Access for Mac offers a transparent way of working with your computer remotely from your mobile device. The software comes with a trial period and after that requires a monthly or annual.
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Your files are important to you; that’s why Parallels Access provides you with a way to search, view and open all of your files that are located on a remote computer, whether it’s a Mac or PC.

Access files in the cloud.

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Your computer is not the only place you store your files. Parallels Access becomes a single window into all of your files whenever they are stored. Just add Dropbox, Google DriveTM or OneDrive® to Parallels Access, and access your files whether they are on your computer or somewhere in the cloud.

Additionally, I plan to do multi-platform software testing for work and found that Microsoft Access runs through Parallels exactly as if I were running it on a PC.” Nevertheless, Parallels Desktop is an easy and cost-effective solution to run Microsoft Access on your Mac. Apr 30, 2019 Parallels Desktop is the fastest and friendliest way to run Windows apps on a Mac for the majority of users who are likely to want to do so. IT pros may prefer VMware Fusion; expert users who want.

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Store files locally.

Microsoft Access For Mac

Parallels Access enables you to carry your files with you. If you're planning a trip where Internet access is not available, use the Parallels Access File Manager to copy a file from a remote computer or the cloud to your mobile device. Then, even without Internet access, Parallels Access provides a way to preview your files in the most popular formats.

Manage your files.


Parallels Access gives you the ability not only to browse all of your files in one location, but also to manage them. Sort files by size or name, move or copy files, delete files and folders, search for files wherever they are located—all of these operations are available in Parallels Access. Convenient file preview and gesture navigation make it easy, whether your computer is on another floor of your building, or halfway around the world.

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Share files with friends and colleagues.

NEW! If you want to send a specific file to someone, just share it using Parallels Access—no cloud service required. You can share files from your computer or mobile device—there's no time wasted uploading files, no file size limit, and the file is instantly available for download.