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Sejda PDF Editor. Lets you load PDFs from other websites. Supports adding hyperlinks. Preview (Built-in App on Mac) The Preview app built in your Mac lets you add text to PDFs, highlight. PDF Editor for Mac allows users to insert and merge PDF documents together or split PDF apart. Delete, extract, duplicate, replace, or rotate pages to reorganize PDF documents. Compare two PDF documents and highlight the differences to help you identify what has been changed quickly and easily. The Best PDFEdit Alternative for Mac OS X How to Use PDFEdit Alternative on Mac The following guide shows you how to edit PDF files on your Mac using the PDFEdit on Mac. Importing a New PDF Once you've downloaded the software, install it onto your computer and launch the program.

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PDFEdit is one of the most promising alternatives to the commercial PDF editing tools that can be found in the market. This application allows users to edit existing text in PDFs, add new text into the document, create annotations, insert images, and highlight selected portions and more. However, since the software is still in the Beta testing mode, many of its features might not work the way they should be working or may not work at all. In addition, it only works on Windows-based computer. If you are a Mac user, you can get the best alternative to PDFEdit for Mac - PDFelement Pro.

The Best PDFEdit Alternative for Mac OS X

How to Use PDFEdit Alternative on Mac

The following guide shows you how to edit PDF files on your Mac using the PDFEdit on Mac.

Pdf Editor For Mac Download

Step 1. Importing a New PDF

Once you've downloaded the software, install it onto your computer and launch the program. Click on the 'Open File' button to import the PDF files you need. It is also possible to convert other file types into PDF.

Step 2. Editing PDFs

There are two ways to edit your PDF documents using the PDFelement Pro. The first option is to make use of the Touchup Tool present in the toolbar. Double click on a text in the file to modify the editable block. The second option is to use the Add Text Tool present in the toolbar. Click on the area where you wish to make changes, and make any changes you need. The software comes with an exciting auto-match feature which matches the font for you making the new additions a part of the original document. If you wish to change the font, do so by going to the Format Menu > Show Fonts.

Step 3. Mark Up and Annotate

There are all sorts of tools present in the toolbar that can help you while marking up or annotating the text. To mark up the text, you need to select the Strikethrough, Highlight or Underline tool from the toolbar and then select the text where you wish to mark up. To annotate the text and add things like shapes, freehand inputs, sticky notes, etc., you need to go to 'Comment' Menu. Click on the PDF page where annotations need to be made and make the necessary changes. On the other hand, if you wish to add a watermark into the text, go to 'Document > Watermark'. From here, you can select from the Add Watermark/ Remove Watermark/ Update Watermark options.

Step 4. Converting Your PDF

If you wish to reuse your PDF document or use it as another file format, the PDFelement Pro also allows you to convert the PDF into things like PPT, Excel, Microsoft Word and more. All you need to do is click on 'Convert > File > Convert to' (your preferred file format). This opens a pop-up window, where you simply need to choose the file you wish to convert and enter the save destination. The software also allows you to specify page range for partial conversion.

PDFelement Pro - The Best Alternative to PDFEdit

If you're looking for an excellent alternative to Mac PDFEdit, you've come to the right place. One of the best available alternatives is PDFelement Pro. It offers an amazing level of functionality. With this editing tool, you can actually work on your PDF document the way you work on Microsoft Word documents.

PDFelement Pro offers options to combine and split different files, convert PDF files to different file formats, fill out forms and control PDF pages. The annotating options make it easy to add or edit text, tables or images and also highlight, underline, add freehand notes, shapes, sticky notes or cross out in the PDF file.

Why Choose This PDFEdit Alternative:

  • Easily edit PDF texts, graphics, images, links, watermarks, etc.
  • Create PDF from other formats and create PDF forms easily.
  • Convert PDF to images, Word, Excel, PPT, EPUB and more formats.
  • Mark up and annotate PDF files with multiple markup tools.
  • Combine multiple files into PDF and split PDF into several files.
  • Advanced OCR feature allows you to edit and convert scanned PDFs.
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Get PDF editor with OCR
PDFpen lets you change anything about your PDF docs.

In a digitized era, where practically all business is done online, it’s hard to spend a day without encountering a PDF file. After all, it’s the most popular digital document format — interactive, free to use and, crucially, able to preserve original formatting (including fonts, images, layouts, and more).

Developed by Adobe in the 90s, PDF made it possible to present identical documents using different applications and devices. Originally a proprietary invention that was promoted with Adobe software, PDF became an open format in 2008, which meant free use for all, without any lingering ties to Adobe.

Get selected PDF editors in one pack

Download Setapp and try the best PDF editors for Mac. From OCR recognition to flexible PDF search, it’s all covered.

How To Choose The Best PDF Editor For Mac

Today, there are dozens of applications that can read, modify, and edit PDFs. All are different: free PDF editors, PDF modifiers, costly Mac PDF editors, and even a default PDF reader for Mac that comes with your operating system.

If you need to edit a PDF on Mac, it’s important to not go straight to Google looking for a “free PDF editor download.” In the last decade, lots of bad players have been putting all kinds of malware in those free PDF downloads, hoping for people to be enticed enough by the proposition. So you should know exactly which PDF editor app is best for your needs — luckily you have the perfect guide below.

Apple Preview PDF reader for Mac

If you’re looking for a free PDF editor for Mac, you should start with the one you already have — Preview — which is the default application for viewing any images and PDF files.

Although it can hardly be called a PDF editor app, Preview can perform most of the tasks most people need to do every day: looking through the documents, leaving comments, and signing contracts.


To configure Preview to your liking:

  1. Launch the app from your Dock or Launchpad
  2. Select View from the menu bar options
  3. Set scroll, zoom, and toolbar to what you’d like to see

Then to actually use PDF modifier functions:

  1. Choose Tools from the menu bar
  2. Hover over Annotate
  3. Select from shapes, signatures, notes (comments), and more

When you’re done editing the document, don’t forget to save it (⌘ + S) or export it to create a new file by going to File ➙ Export.

A hidden benefit of Preview that’s not often talked about is its natural integration into the macOS. The app can be easily used within the Apple ecosystem and is quite swift as well.

Adobe Acrobat Reader for Mac

One of the first and hence now widely considered standard solutions for viewing and editing PDF files is Adobe Acrobat Reader. By all accounts, it’s a solid and professional PDF editor for Mac.

There’s, however, one caveat — you can hardly call Adobe Acrobat the best free PDF editor for Mac because to get all of its features you need to pay, a lot. If you subscribe for the whole year, it comes down to $15 a month. Otherwise, it’s $25.

So if you download Adobe Reader for Mac from Adobe’s website, it will only give you a limited number of tools, which are very similar to Apple Preview: comment and sign. To get more you’d need to sign up for the Adobe Acrobat Pro free trial.

Anyway, in case you’re satisfied with Acrobat PDF editor’s limited functionality for the basic version, you can still work with all the PDFs you need:

  1. Download and install Adobe Reader for Mac from adobe.com
  2. Open the PDF file of your choice
  3. To comment or sign the file, navigate to Tools in the top bar of the app
  4. Choose the tool you want to use and then select a more specific one from the top bar once you’re in the document itself
Pdf editor for mac download

If you try to choose the tool that’s not available in the free version of Acrobat Reader for Mac, the app will direct you to the website where you can subscribe to get access.

All in all, while the paid Adobe Acrobat Reader for Mac offers you a full toolkit of productivity, its free option is comparable to Apple Preview, with the latter being a bit more lightweight and fast due to its integration with macOS.

But what’s a truly powerful Mac PDF editor?

PDFpen full-featured OCR editor

While the paid version of Adobe Acrobat Reader for Mac is costly and convoluted, PDFpen offers much more in one straightforward package.

Install PDFpen, best PDF editor for Mac

Pdf editor for mac catalina

Make any PDF file editable with PDFpen. With in-built OCR support, nothing is carved in stone if you have PDFpen installed on your Mac.

PDFpen lets you edit PDFs by adding text and images, fixing typos, filling out forms, and covering sensitive information. What’s more, the app features an OCR (optical character recognition) functionality, so you can scan printed documents directly into editable PDF files, and even export them to Microsoft Word later on.

Using PDFpen is as easy as Preview:

  1. Open any PDF document
  2. In the top bar, find the toggle which lets you switch between text and shapes. These are the tools you can use to enhance your documents. All of them can also be accessed from the Tools dropdown in the menu bar.

One of the most commonly used features with PDFs is highlighting, which is perfectly executed in PDFpen. Just select from the top bar and choose a color. The tool will then switch between a freehand highlighter when hovering over shapes and a structured one when it’s over some text.

Finally, PDFpen’s renowned OCR functionality doesn’t require you to have any specific AI knowledge — it just works:

  1. In PDFpen, go File ➙ Open (or ⌘ + O) and select your image
  2. Check all languages that apply
  3. Turn the image into either an OCR Page or OCR document
  4. Now you can edit your image freely and export it later

Bonus: Professional PDF Search

When you’re working with lots of PDFs everyday, some things are inevitably going to get lost. Especially, since lots of documents and reports are often dozens or even hundreds of pages long.

In this reality, you absolutely need a tool that will help you retain information at the tip of your fingers. Enter PDF Search. This app doesn’t just search your PDF files for exact matches — it uses the power of AI to check relevant terms, multiple combinations, and even scan PDF files in bulk.

The first time you open PDF Search, it will ask you to index the folder with all your PDFs, which may take some time but will also speed up all future searches. After indexing is complete, simply enter the number or text you’re looking for in the search field, press Return, and the results (including related ones) would instantly appear.

To recap, when you’re looking for the best free PDF editor for Mac, your options might seem infinite, but it really comes down to what exactly you need to edit. If it’s just viewing documents and making comments, Apple Preview can do the job just fine. But when you need some heavy-duty lifting, nothing beats PDFpen. In addition, PDF Search is recommended for anyone working with large number of PDFs on a daily basis.

Best of all, PDFpen and PDF Search are both available to you on a free 7-day trial from Setapp, a platform for over 150 indispensable Mac apps designed to take your productivity to the next level. All that’s left to do now is just read and edit!

Setapp lives on Mac and iOS. Please come back from another device.

Meantime, prepare for all the awesome things you can do with Setapp.

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