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ScanPro packs all the power of a desktop scanner into one tiny scanner app! Simply hold your smartphone or tablet over a document and ScanPro will automatically scan it. Use the Scanbot SDK solutions to improve operational efficiency, gain massive cost savings, and boost customer as well as employee satisfaction. Performance & privacy. Our ML-based solutions offer fast and powerful, image, text, and data capture capabilities while keeping your data private and secure. ScanPro App is the most advanced PDF scanner app for iPhone, iPad and Android. Create premium quality scans and upload them to your favorite cloud.

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doo GmbH / Scanbot is proud to announce that the consumer apps Scanbot, Scanbot Pro, and Unfade have found a great new home at Los Angeles based Maple Media. doo will now focus 100% on the Scanbot SDK scanning component for businesses. After years of splitting the focus between its popular consumer apps and a rapidly growing SDK business, doo had to make a choice which market they want to lead. The Scanbot consumer apps won numerous awards, acquired millions of active users, and gained notable recognition by Apple and Google, such as being highlighted as the App Store “App Of The Day”, Top Developer and Editors’ Choice on Google Play. However, changing landscapes in the consumer app business required strategies that were impossible to carry out next to the growing demands of the Scanbot SDK business segment. Maple Media, who has expertise in owning and operating mobile apps, with over 110 apps on the App Store and Google Play in their portfolio, approached doo at the right moment with the idea to merge the apps into their existing portfolio and continue to operate and improve them with the learnings of their business. Maple Media already operates several popular productivity apps, including calendar app, WeekCal and currency converter app, Calconvert. After spending lots of thought and long meetings on the topic, it became clear that this would be the best option for both products.“It was a tough decision, but we realized that this change makes a lot of sense. Our business customers would be happy because we have more resources to develop multiple major features at the same time. But it would also make our consumer app users happy if someone focused on their needs with all of their energy. ”—Christoph Wagner, CEO doo GmbH“We originally came across Scanbot because we were already avid users and considered it the best product for it’s category on mobile. We look for quality apps to add to our portfolio and we were impressed with doo’s industry leading mobile scanner technology. This made for a great fit; we plan to continue to carry the spirit of the apps going forward and to invest in supporting the product and users long into the future.”—Michael Ritter, CEO Maple Media, LLC.The sale isn’t the first significant change for doo. Back in 2011, the vision was to revolutionize document management by building a cloud service with apps for Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS.“At this time the company tried to solve 100 problems on each platform at the same time. Things changed daily, and the stakes were getting higher each day. This was a setup for disaster.”—Christoph Wagner, CEO Scanbot / dooGmbH

Scanbot, a freemium document scanner and QR reader for the iPhone and iPad, was bumped to version 3.8 this morning. The refreshed app adds several new features while overhauling the user interface on iPads, which now supports any orientation as well as collapsible document list.

After the pivot in 2014, Scanbot emerged like a phoenix from the ashes of the old apps. Soon after, it became so popular that doo received requests for a scanning SDK from all over the world. Businesses in the insurance, logistics, health-care, and banking sector kept knocking on our door. They all wanted to use the same high-quality scanning and data extraction components of our apps for their business. A few years later, the Scanbot SDK is in use by more than 200 companies, including big Fortune 500 and DAX 30 names.“The sale feels like a purification of what we do. This allows us to focus on our core business, while we are confident in Maple Media’s expertise to continue to operate and grow Scanbot the app.“—Christoph Wagner, CEOThe next chapter of the company starts now…

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Scanbot SDK for Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms


The Scanbot SDK brings scanning and document creation capabilities to your mobile apps.It contains modules which are individually licensable as license packages.For more details visit our website


Dev Tools

  • Latest version of Microsoft Visual Studio with Xamarin Platform
  • For Xamarin.Forms projects: Xamarin.Forms v2.2+ and higher
  • For iOS development: Mac OS with latest Xcode and Command Line Tools

Mobile Platforms

  • Android 5.0 (API Level 21) and higher
  • iOS 11 and higher

Mobile Devices

  • Rear-facing camera with autofocus
  • Supported CPUs and architectures:
    • Android: armeabi-v7, arm64-v8a, x86, x86_64
    • iOS: arm64 for physical devices and x86_64 for simulators

No Internet Connection Required

The Scanbot SDK works completely offline. It doesn’t even contain any networking code. This can easily be verified by routing all networking traffic coming from the app through a proxy. All data generated by the Scanbot SDK is only stored on the end users device and in absolutely no case ever transferred to a server / cloud service controlled by us. You as the customer will need to take care of uploading the scans / data to your backend, if desired.

Example Apps

Check out our example apps for Android and iOS on GitHub:

Getting started

Scanbot for macbook

Download & Installation

The Scanbot SDK is provided as NuGet packages

  • ScanbotSDK.Xamarin - contains the Scanbot SDK Xamarin bindings and wrappers for Android and iOS
  • ScanbotSDK.Xamarin.Forms - provides portable ScanbotSDK wrappers for use with Xamarin.Forms

Install ScanbotSDK.Xamarin.Forms if your project is based on Xamarin.Forms, otherwise install ScanbotSDK.Xamarin.

You can directly install them in Visual Studio IDE.Open your App-Solution in Visual Studio, select your iOS or Android project and click on the menu item Project -> Add NuGet Packages.
Make sure is selected as source and search for the package.

By clicking on Add Package the Scanbot SDK will be downloaded and installed into your project. Do that for both your iOS and Android projects.Also, ScanbotSDK.Xamarin.Forms must be installed in the portable app project (if one exists - not necessary if you’re using a shared project).

Android settings

Enable Multi-Dex

Android Project => Options => Android Build => General => Enable Multi-Dex

ABI Settings

The Scanbot SDK uses native libraries under the hood and supports following ABIs: armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, x86 and x86_64.

Please adjust the Supported ABIs configuration in your Android project settings accordingly:

Android Project => Options => Android Build => Advanced => Supported ABIs

Please note:In most cases the architectures x86 and x86_64 can be removed for the release (production) build, since they are only used on emulators and on some rare devices with the Intel Atom architecture. The support for the x86_64 architecture was added in version 1.4.0 of ScanbotSDK.Xamarin.Also, by removing the “x86” architectures the size of the app package (APK) will be reduced.

Furthermore please increase the Java Heap Size value to 4G. This is required for the build process.


If you need to enable ProGuard for your Android release build,please check this full list of the ProGuard rules for the Scanbot SDK.


Required permissions for Android

Make sure to add the Camera permission in your AndroidManifest.xml file:

Required permissions for iOS

Add the following properties to your Info.plist file:

  • “Privacy - Camera Usage Description” (NSCameraUsageDescription). As value describe why your app wants to access the device’s camera.

License Key

In order to run the Scanbot SDK functionality within your production app you have to purchase and use a valid Scanbot SDK license.

Each license key is valid only for a given app bundle identifier. The license also defines which modules you are allowed to use.The usage of unlicensed modules will log an error to the console and terminate the app. If your license has expired any callsof the Scanbot SDK will terminate your app.

Example code for defining and using the license key string:

Trial License

The Scanbot SDK will run without a license for one minute per session!To get an unrestricted “no-strings-attached” 30 day trial license, please submit the Trial License Form on our website.

Please kindly note that a trial license can only be used in a development and staging environment.You are not allowed to publish your app to the App Store, Play Store or any 3rd party Android App Store with a trial license.

Scanbot for macbook air

Purchase a Production License

You can check and purchase the Scanbot SDK licenses here:

App Identifier

Every app has a unique identifier (sometimes also known as “bundle identifier” or “application ID”). Your license will be bound to this identifier.To request a trial license or purchase a production license you have to provide us the bundle identifier of your app.

Updating the License in Production Apps

To renew an expired license or extend a valid license with new Scanbot SDK features, you will have to update your app in the App Store / Play Store.The expiration date and the feature list of a license are an encrypted data part of the license key string.Which means a renewal or extension of a license will cause a new license key string to be generated.

License Checks in Production Apps

If your Scanbot SDK license has expired, any call of the Scanbot SDK API will terminate your app. To prevent this you should always check for license expiration during the runtime by calling the method IsLicenseValid(). If this method returns false, you should disable any usage of the Scanbot SDK functions or UI components.

We highly recommend to implement a suitable handling of this case in your app!

Example code for checking the license status:


When initializing the Scanbot SDK you can enable or disable logging of the SDK.

On Android logs are printed into LogCat as well as saved on the device. You can find them in Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory()/debug_logs/[package_name]. Usually it is /sdcard/debug_logs/[package_name].

On iOS all logs are printed to the console. There will be no log files created by the Scanbot SDK.

While it may be useful for development, consider switching logging off in production builds for security and performance reasons!

Scanbot Mac Os X

Image Quality / Compression

Scanbot for macbook pro

SBSDKConfiguration has two more optional properties that specify the image storage format and compression for temporary images. Temporary images are all images created by the document scanner, cropping UI, as well as all image manipulation functions like ApplyImageFilter.

  • StorageImageQuality - defines the quality factor of JPEG images. The value must be between 1 and 100,where 100 means maximum quality and largest file size. The default value is 80 which is a good compromise between image file size and document legibility.
  • StorageImageFormat - CameraImageFormat.Jpg or CameraImageFormat.Png

Scanbot For Mac

Next Steps

Integration with Xamarin.Forms

If your project is based on Xamarin.Forms please see this page for further integration steps:

👉 Integration with Xamarin.Forms

Integration with Xamarin

For native integration with Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS please follow this documentation:

👉 Integration with Xamarin Native

Pitfalls and issues

👉 Pitfalls and issues

Libraries and Licenses

👉 Libraries and Licenses