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Mac Malware Removal with MacScan 3

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Mac malware removal is essential these days. Malware authors are targeting OS X with increasing frequency and, although there’s more Mac malware activity now than ever before, many users are still unprotected against these threats. MacScan protects your mac from malware, scanning and removing it for much-needed security and privacy.

Full Product Details System Requirements

The most powerful spy app for PC & Mac. With over 40+ features, more than any competitor, to help you monitor the complete computer usage of your employee or teenager. Both Mac and Android devices are vulnerable to spyware. These apps include legitimate apps recompiled with harmful code, straight up malicious apps posing as legitimate ones (often with names resembling popular apps), and apps with fake download links.

MacScan subscription includes

Protection Against Malware ThreatsInternet Clutter CleanupAutomatic Tracking Cookie RemovalMalware Definition UpdatesScheduled ScanningSecurity Advisory NotificationsKnowledge Base AccessOnline Tech Support

System requirements

macOS 10.9 or higherMacintosh Computer with a 64-bit processor500 MB of available disk spaceActive internet connection for Malware definition updatesSpyware App For Mac

Debunking Mac Malware Myths:

Detect & remove Mac malware

MacScan will find and clean malware threatening your Mac, including:

  • Trojan Horses
  • Keystroke Loggers
  • Spyware
  • Adware
  • Worms
  • Scareware
  • Clean up internet clutter

    MacScan can seek out and destroy privacy threats such as blocklisted tracking cookies, leaving the rest of your browsing data in place, or free up valuable hard drive space by locating and removing unnecessary files left behind by web browsers. All of this is in addition to removing malware threats.

    New Malware Scanner

    Built from the ground up to combat the latest malware threats, the new scan engine offers faster detection and stronger protection for your Mac.

    Smart Scan will scan for malware and spyware present in specific locations known to contain security and privacy threats.

    Scheduled Scans Pick a convenient time, and MacScan will automatically scan for malware, alerting you the minute it encounters a threat to your system and security.


    Multiple Scan Modes provide a custom tailored solution to fit your security needs.

    Easy to use. Easy to understand.

    An easy-to-use interface provides complete control over malware scans, featuring drag-and-drop scanning, a customizable cookie blocklist and allowlist, logs of previous scan results and activity, and more.

    Notification Center

    Ensuring you’re all up-to-date has never been easier.

    Schedule your scans

    Anti Spyware For Mac

    Spyware App For Mac

    Schedule your malware scans when you are away!

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    An in-depth user guide, manual and support is only 1-click away

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