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What Is Debug For Mac
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What Is Debug For Mac Catalina

Hey All,
I've been a bit stuck on this. I have started using the NDI plugin for OBS (https://github.com/Palakis/obs-ndi/releases/tag/4.7.1). I have a Mac Laptop and a streaming windows 10 PC. For the hardware side, I am using an ethernet between my laptop and PC using an Apple ethernet adapter.
On the streaming PC, I have been able to successfully use NDI with Skype. However, No matter which program I use on the mac to send NDI (OBS or ScanConverter from NewTek) I can see and detect the NDI streams on my PC, but OBS is not displaying anything and I see just a black screen.
OBS Logs
Stream PC Log: https://obsproject.com/logs/F9oe9CmtUPkpFHsR
Mac Log: https://obsproject.com/logs/2bHR3FuoErm2flnP
Only odd thing I see in the logs is there is a python failure on Mac OBS boot. Im not sure this is relevant, but I did a fresh install of OBS and still see it.
Any ideas why this is only not showing the NDI Stream output from my Mac despite being noticed on the stream PC?

What Is Debug In Macro

What Is Debug For MacWhat is debug for mac operating system

What Is Debug For Mac Os

Debug in Visual Studio for mac not hitting breakpoints in iOS. NicholasFritsche US Member. It's happening when debugging the SIM and a physical device. The only other thing of note is inline breakpoints do work: System.Diagnostics.Debugger.Break does trigger a breakpoint. This tutorial introduces the debugging tools available in Visual Studio for Mac. This tutorial works with the console app that you create in Create a.NET Core console application using Visual Studio for Mac. Use Debug build configuration. Debug and Release are Visual Studio's built-in build configurations. You use the Debug. Debugging Apps That Have Been Submitted or Deployed. To reproduce bugs that appear in the submitted build of your app, use the Archive feature in Xcode to test the exact build of your app that was submitted to the App Store or Mac App Store. Find out more about this and other processes to resolve issues reported by users or App Review.